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Bark n Purr carries feline specific raw frozen and freeze dried food. We also stock a wide selection of high protein canned and kibble cat food as well as grain free, hypoallergenic and holistic foods. Cats are carnivores and our high protein, ‘Species Appropriate’ foods result in healthier cats.

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Does your Dog or Cat have allergies, skin problems, or gastrointentinal problems?

These issues may be a result of species inappropriate nutrition.

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Brands of Cat Food We Carry Include:

Fromm 4-Star Nutrasource evo taste of the wild bff wellness weruva purevita earthborn natural balance tiki cat merrick bg instinct precise evangers fussie cat orijen acana party animal cat food boise osopure cat food boise firstmate cat food boise feline natural cat food boise red barn cat food boise

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